All of us at Toy Studio love games. If there weren’t games to make, we could spend all day talking about the other games we play. We’ll frequently highlight some of the games that we play outside of creating new worlds ourselves.

What are we up to this fine weekend? Take a look -

This weekend I’m planning to dive into the Battle Isle Platinum pack from Good Old Games. I spent so many hours playing Battle Isle as a kid, and they’ve also the turn based classic ‘Incubation’ with the pack.

I love the whole Karoshi Suicide Salaryman series of games because it actively subverts expectations at every turn. Also, who wouldn’t love a game where the goal is to die as quickly as possible?

I’ll be playing Desktop Dungeons. I love almost every short game session dungeon crawlers, but this one is my favorite. It is minimalistic and cute.┬áThe best part of it is tactics. Playing this game is kinda meditative process for me.

I’m playing trip to “Mackinac Island.”

I’m into Minecraft. I’m hopelessly addicted to a game that is essentially like playing with adult legos. Who would have thought pixelated cubes would be versatile and fascinating in 2011?

What are some games you are playing this weekend?