One of the great things about working with the emerging platforms of Facebook and Mobile is that the speed at which games can be developed means that we can try out all sorts of new ideas and keep up a fast tempo. The image you see above is a character from an upcoming game we have been developing along side Candy Dream and our Nook Color games.

I can tell you three things about this game at this point that aren’t readily apparent from the images of a cat holding a giant gun.

  1. We all think it is a ton of fun to play.
  2. It will be released on mobile platforms.
  3. It doesn’t have a name.

You’d think a game where a cat is holding a gun would essentially name itself, but we keep going back and forth between a few names and haven’t been able to settle on one. So, if you have a suggestion for a name,┬ábased on this image alone, ┬áleave a comment!