When Word Twist was released, it quickly climbed to the top of the Nook App Store. As we watched for feedback, we noticed a few trends emerging from request of the players.

We’ve tweaked the bottom row of buttons so they are more sensitive and should fix the problem people were experiencing with having to repeatedly tap on a button along the bottom.

We also addressed the word set used currently in Word Twist. Many people told us there were too many obscure and uncommon words, which would make it too difficult to complete a full puzzle. We’ll be now offering a choice of word sets to choose from based on your own preference.

The last feature we are implemented based on player feeback is a save game function. If you exit Word Twist using the “n” home button, you’ll be able to continue your game right where you left off when you launch the app again. Highscores will also save properly.

Finally, we added sound effects.

If you have already purchased the app, you’ll ge the update for free. Another thing to note is that the original promotional price for Word Twist has now ended and is currently available for download for $1.99.