Tomorrow is Thursday. With that we will be releasing a new batch of games on the Nook Color. Instead of just spoiling what games we’ll be in the Barnes & Noble App Store soon, here is a bit of a teaser of what you can expect.

The first mystery image you see in the top image is gaming classic. You’ll need to pay careful attention to the game when you play because one wrong move will spell the end of a round. What might be surprising is our unique twists on the classic formula and a high-tech look and feel you’ll have to see to believe.

The second image is a game that people have been playing since about 1900 using a pad of paper and pencil. There is a heavy amount of strategy and is great to play with two players. Like the first mystery game, you’ll definitely not want to “miss” what this game looks like.

Those are the two apps we’ll be teasing but these aren’t all the apps coming. Be sure to come back soon and see everything coming to the Nook Color. Do you think you know what games are behind the shadowy pictures? Leave a comment with your guess!