It is time for yet another Golden Ticket Friday! This won’t be like any other Golden Ticket Fridays because to get some Golden Tickets, you’ll need a keen pair of eyes to find the hidden words in an image of Candy Dream.

Below, you’ll see an image of a Candy Dream factory. Scour the image (click it to make it bigger) and look for words that are related to candy. Leave a comment in this article with some of the words and you’ll be rewarded with up to two Golden Tickets (so you can give one to a friend).

(Click the image to see the full size)

To win one Golden Ticket, just leave a comment with one of the words you find in the image. To get a Golden Ticket for a friend, leave a comment containing a total of three words you find in the image.

Good luck on the scavenger hunt! Remember, this Golden Ticket Friday will end Sunday July 17 at 11:59 pm.