Today is a pretty sweet day. Not only are we readying another Candy Dream update and getting ready to send more Golden Tickets out into the wild, July 20, 2011 is National Lollipop Day. All of us at Toy Studio salute the lollipop and wish it the happiest of days.

Nobody is quite sure who exactly invented the lollipop. There are stories of lollipops being used during the American Civil War and some form of lollipop has been hinted at as far back as the Middle Ages. I can only imagine they were called “Ye Lollypopeth.”

In fact, George Smith, an owner of a candy company, coined the name lollipop in the early 1900’s. Legend has it that either Smith named it a lollipop after his favorite racing horse or it was the mash-up for lolly, which means “tongue” and pop, which means “slap.” I’m not too sure how “tongue slap” translates into lollipop, but that is what Wikipedia told me so it must be true.

Lollipops, in their simplest form, are hardened molten sugar put on a stick and packaged up. There are tons of variations on the lollipop with all sorts of shapes, sizes and flavors. Heck, I’d say even songs about lollipops are a variation. One neat lollipop fact is that the largest lollipop was created in 2002 weighing in at 4,031 pounds with the stick and was about 15 feet tall. That’s about the weight of a Hippopotamus and the height of a Giraffe. Talk about a terrifying creature to describe a delicious candy.

In Candy Dream, we have around 20 recipes that use lollipops. The lollipop candy crop is one of the corner stone ingredients. Recipes like Heavenly Lollipops and Magichoco Bar all require all the Candy Dreamers to harvest a health amount of lollipops. It is hard to imagine a world where the lollipop wasn’t invented and a Candy Dream without Lava Rock Candy.

Word on the street is that some candy stores were giving out free lollipops. Hear of any? Leave a comment if you found a store that as handing them out!