With Revenge of Squishy, the puzzles are based on direction. With that in mind, it wouldn’t make sense for Squishy to stay in the same location for the entire game. To tie in the theme of moving and direction, Squishy’s Revenge is split into different worlds that have their own distinct art style. It shows Squishy’s journey visually as he embarks from the peaceful rolling hills into more dangerous territory.

Once Squishy takes back the rolling hills, he is led to the ocean where the underwater land is being taken over by the evil city. This is where the puzzles start getting more challenging.

Because Squishy is an accomplished swimmer (gold medal at the Squish Olympics) navigating the waters might be tricky, but not impossible. The since Squishy once climbed Mt. Squishiest, Squishy has some experience in the mountains, but the levels will get even more difficult.

These are the worlds we have planned for now, but are looking to possibly create a few more worlds down the road. Of course, we don’t have Squishy going through these places for no reason. We’ll talk story in another dev diary.

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