It is entirely possible to keep developing a game forever. There has to be a point where the game should be finalized. For Squishy’s Revenge, we have been having a lot of fun developing the game that it is hard to step back and say, “done.” Like all good things, however, they have to come to an end. Not only that, we want others to play Squishy’s Revenge too.

While there are still a few more things that need to be added, Squishy’s Revenge all there is really left is additional testing to make sure the game is free from any avoidable problems. The neat thing about offering a game through mobile or digital channels is that even though we are done with the core game, there is nothing stopping us from continuing work on the game after it has launched.

It is one of the really exciting parts of being a mobile developer is the ability to revisit games after they have “shipped.” It allows us to get reactions from the players and fans of Squishy’s Revenge and adjust it. Never has there been a time where it was possible to adjust and tweak a game as quickly as it is possible now. It’s really cool when we can directly interact with fans in that way.

As we near the final stretch for Squishy’s Revenge, we are getting all sorts of excited to see what others think of the game. Each day we are getting closer and closer to completing Squishy’s Revenge with the “To-do” list shrinking. We’ll have a few more dev diaries on Squishy’s Revenge as there are still a few more areas of the game not yet talked about.

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