Squishy’s Revenge is actually available on the Nook Color device. Right now, it goes by the first name we gave it, Monster Slider. We will update the app with the Squishy name and a few features like star ratings for levels, but it is more or less the complete game. Now that the game has seen some time on the Nook Color app store, we’ve been able to get some feedback.

The awesome news is that all the constructively written reviews love the game. To see people understanding and enjoying an extension of a creative process is one of the best feelings in the world. The browsers all around the studio have been feverishly refreshing on the Barnes and Noble site waiting for the next person to leave a review and each star sends another wave of inter-office email chains. The best way to describe this feeling is likening waiting for reviews to come in is like waiting for a report card on a project you worked extremely hard on. You feel like you did a great job, but you are waiting for the final verdict.

It’s been really fun watching all the positive reviews come in. Here is part of an actual review someone left for Squishy’s Revenge – “I am a teen and I adore this game.” Not only is something like this a huge morale booster to everyone, it reaffirms all the work beforehand to make sure Squishy’s Revenge is a fun game to play. We wish everyone would leave a review so we could read what others have to say.

The feedback, good or bad, really helps with any future updates to Squishy’s Revenge. We take in all the comments and see if we can apply them anywhere. Some of the features in Squishy’s Revenge, for example, were the result of all the learning we have done from creating and publishing other titles on the Nook Color. Future mobile titles will also include what we learned and applied to Squishy’s Revenge.

Overall the feedback has been wonderful and we can’t wait to get Squishy’s Revenge out to other mobile devices and eagerly anticipate the reaction on other platforms. With the warm reception on the Nook Color, we now know we are on the right track. That feels fantastic.

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