Everyone at Toy Studio is ecstatic to announce that Candy Dream is now out of closed beta and now available for all to play. Yes, that means the Golden Tickets are now not needed to enjoy the sweet surprises that wait you in Candy Dream. The gates to all candy factories are open wide and everyone is welcome to play.

This marks a new phase of Candy Dream since anyone and everyone can try the game and try a hand at becoming a Candy Entrepreneur. We’ve added so much new, cool stuff to Candy Dream since we launched in closed beta all because of the awesome input that our community of players have given us. We now have “Super” machines that can make more than one recipe at a time and new items that will help you construct new buildings that will help you out when it comes to gathering resources to create the next delicious recipe.

For the official launch of Candy Dream, we have partnered with 6Waves so that Candy Dream will reach many, many, many Facebook gamers around the world. The future for Candy Dream is looking sweeter and sweeter every day. We’re going to be adding even more new stuff as we keep developing Candy Dream and we can’t wait to show all the players we have in store.

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