Yesterday it was the unofficial National Squishy’s Revenge Day. More officially, it was the day Squishy’s Revenge appeared in both the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace. Everyone at Toy Studio alerted the internet to the best of our abilities to spread the good word of Squishy. Plus, stolen Squishberries are a super serious matter.

While the reviews aren’t quite ready yet, take a look at some of the places Squishy’s Revenge turned up:

TouchArcade did a round up of all the games that arrived this week just a few hours before the App Store update itself with Squishy’s Revenge. Later that day, some of the writers were doing their best to revive MySpace’s popularity by giving out free codes on the TouchArcade MySpace page. We supplied a few codes to unlock the whole game for what we called “Operation Glitter GIFs.”

148apps talked with Team Squishy (Rob, Jess, Pavel, Christian) and started the first in a three part series of articles that takes a deep look at bringing a game from concept to the finish line. You can even learn how we came to name ourselves Toy Studio. We’re all just as excited for the next two parts as everyone else!

We also found some other mentions of Squishy’s Revenge on IGN’s mobile site, Pocket Gamer, The APPera and we now have a listing on Gamespot. Now we wait for the reviews to come rolling in. Exciting! Or, as Squishy would say, “SQUEE!”