Do you remember walking into a noisy arcade in the mid-nineties? Games of skill would spit out paper tickets for prizes like finger traps or super balls. Arcade machines were getting to be more fantastic and racing games stole the show with impressive lights, sounds and racing bucket seats to simulate being behind a powerful car.

Our newest published NOOK Color title, Raging Thunder, captures the arcade racing sensibilities and brings them to the NOOK Color with first place production values. This is the first, true 3D racing game on the NOOK Color and has the speed, controls and fun to take the checkered flag.

What does Raging Thunder feature? Online multiplayer, CPU controlled opponents, customizable controls and top-notch action unlike anything available on the NOOK Color right now.

Polarbit is the developer behind Raging Thunder the app has garnered tons of positive press attention for other platforms and is ready to take the NOOK Color by storm with the critical acclaim. Since releasing this past weekend, it is already poised to take the top of the NOOK App Store charts soon.

Raging Thunder will be 99 cents in the NOOK App store for a limited time. To find out more about the game, check out the listing on the NOOK Color App Store.