The Amazon Kindle Fire is being shipped to eager tablet owners. Sporting impressive integration with the total Amazon experience, the Kindle Fire is the first step Amazon has taken towards creating a reading device not based on e-ink.

If you have been following Amazon and the Kindle Fire, you’ll know that they have had the Amazon App Store on Android phones for some time. In fact, we put some of our game apps on there, like Hangman. However, now that the Kindle Fire is out, we brought all our tablet optimized game apps to the device.

Curious to know what Apps we have on the Kindle Fire? Here is the list-

Kindle Fire Apps

  • Hangman
  • Word Twist
  • Mahjong Halloween
  • Mahjong Solitaire
  • Wordly
  • Battling Ships
  • Words in Color
  • Squishy’s Revenge
  • Deck of Words
  • Blastout HD
  • Minesweeper

If you want to know more about the apps, be sure to visit our Kindle Fire apps on the Amazon App Store.