We’re still working on Word Off! and adding all kinds of new things and levels of polish. We did spill the beans about some of the game on the TouchArcade forums. It was awesome to get questions and people interested in the game even though we are still a bit from releasing the game. What did we talk about?

Mostly, the basics of the game. We touched on some of the features we have planned or were thinking about including. Really, the flow of discussion went so nicely, just check out the thread and your brain will absorb all the information!

One of the really great questions about about more than 2 player support. When we started creating Word Off! we played it with up to 4 people. When deciding to implement it for the digital game, we ran into a problem: it would take way too long to finish a game. We still felt the mode was fun, so we are including it as a local multiplayer mode. The other great question was about a computer AI to play against. We aren’t going to include one since the way it is programmed, you can play people on a multitude of devices so there shouldn’t be a shortage of games to play.

The first round of the Word Off! beta tournament is finished. You can see who emerged victorious and what matches are being played right now: