Toy Studio has been come to be known as the mobile studio that makes HTML5 games. However, that doesn’t mean we never think or tinker around with other systems. The Kinect motion tracking peripheral is a unique device that offers unprecedented tracking and control in games and we are naturally curious about the full extent at what this sophisticated device can do.

Enter the Toy Studio Kinect Hackathon. To better understand the device, we have invited developers from all over Chicago (and anyone else who is going to be around) to Toy Studio HQ this weekend where Ross Gerbasi will be showing off his tech that interfaces easily with the Kinect. Here is the official description from our Game Designer, Rob Lockhart:

We are lucky enough to have Ross Gerbasi of 15letters who will be transcending your mind into motion gaming nirvana. Ross is founding member of AS3NUI an open source organization that has developed a native extension for Adobe AIR, which makes it super easy to interface with the Kinect camera using ActionScript.

While the event is going, we’ll be capturing footage, showing off the projects and reporting back about the event once the last Kinect is powered down. The event is being done in conjunction with Indie City Games, a group dedicated to promoting gaming companies in Chicago.