The Curse is the next puzzle gaming from from us and Mojo Bones. We sent out some information to the press and now you can read all about what some preliminary thoughts about the game are!

TouchArcade talked about the history of Mojo Bones and posted a ton of screenshots. They were also keen to spot the pre-release puzzle contest we have going for the game on the official The Curse website.

Weekly Gaming Recap picked up on the fact that the puzzles are non-linear. You can solve puzzles in any order, but to complete the game, you’ll need to solve all 100.

AppAvice was intrigued by the story that runs alongside the gameplay. The Mannequin that taunts and teases you throughout the game will be a formidable foe indeed!

Gamezebo took a really in-depth look and drew a lot of analysis from the screenshots. You can see the teaser trailer right at the top of the page too!

If you want to explore the world of The Curse on your own, click on Mannequin’s head to go to The Curse’s website.