The hit puzzle games, The Curse is now on Google Play and playable for Android devices around the world. Mannequin wanted to know if Androids posed any greater threat to him than those playing on iOS.

In The Curse, players will have to solve 100 difficult puzzles of varying styles inside a cursed book. When puzzles are solved, players will encounter Mannequin, the master of mischief behind The Curse. As progress is made, Mannequin is obliged to give players cogs that open the secret compartment which unravels the mystery surrounding The Curse.

The Curse Features:

  • Over 100 unique puzzles
  • 10 different puzzle styles
  • 15 animated cutscenes
  • An ending that concludes the mystery of The Curse
  • Additional puzzle packs and riddles in future updates
  • Get The Curse on Google Play by following THIS link.