Check for updates on your smartphones, a new version of Word Off! is out for iOS and Android devices! We’ve packed in a ton of additions, improvements and upgrades in so read on to get a complete rundown of all the things you’ll notice in the update.

Achievements and Belts

When we set off to create Word Off! we had a road map as to what we’d like to add for future updates. We’re happy to announce that we’ve completed the Achievement system and it is now implemented for iOS, Web and Android players.

How is the Achievement system different from the Game Center feature for iOS players? For starters, our Achievement system works on any device you play from. You’ll earn progress no matter where you are playing Word Off! from. Some Achievements will be tied to earning coins that can be put towards using boosts, getting new boards. As you work to unlock your Achievements, you’ll earn trophies along the way that count towards your progress. It’s a pretty awesome system and something you can browse right from the main menu.

Something that works along side the Achievement system is the Word Off! Belts. Think of the Belts as a “traveling Achievement” that will be awarded to the top players. Most Belts update each week, but some are updated monthly. You’ll be able to check out who currently owns the Belt any time you want as well as what it will take to claim that Belt as your own.

You can access this information from anywhere. Just head to –[USERNAME]

New Boards
One of the most common suggestion is to include more boards to Word Off! We’ve added a handful of new word battlefields for you to duke it out on. We’ve been a bit creative with these new boards. Rift, for example, makes it impossible to win via base capture and you’ll need to go for the highscore. Hope you’ve been saving your coins because you’ll definitely want to check these out.

Connection Improvements and Bug Fixes

As far as technical things go, we’ve improved the connectivity with Word Off! We’ve also squashed some bugs and made general improvements. Essentially, Word Off! is running a lot more smoothly under the hood.

Active Players List

The last thing to touch on in this update is an improvement for Web players. While Word Off! was a designed to be a turn-based game where you play your moves when you have a few minutes to spare, requests for more active players has always been something we’ve been listening to. Since monitors have extra screen space, we implemented an active player roster. If you are logged into, your name will appear for others to challenge you.