Game development studios Toy Studio and Robomite, a division of Robomodo, are set to let The Beasties run wild in The Beasties: Hello World, a virtual pet game for smartphone and tablet devices later this year.

What are The Beasties? They are creatures that typically go unnoticed in our world. Players will be able to choose a Beastie and place it in the cardboard habitat where it will eat, sleep, play and get dressed up. Once properly cared for, your Beastie can be taught all sorts of fascinating things.

The Beasties: Hello World Features:

- A whimsical, handmade world at your fingertips filled with customizable Beasties
- Interactive Beasties that will learn new things the longer it survives
- Minigames to stimulate Beasties so they don’t grow bored; a key part to Beastie survival

Each Beasties has a unique personality. It’ll be up to you to discover their likes and dislikes as you care for your Beasties. If a Beastie is neglected or forgotten, well, let’s just say your Beastie won’t survive for very long.

“The Beasties are charming little creatures that will always let you know what is on their mind,” said Rob Lockhart, Game Designer for Toy Studio. “They feel like they live in a little magical corner of the real world.”

What makes a Beastie special is their ability to learn. Minigames that test Beastie – and Human – reflexes will unlock new tricks for a Beastie to perform. Beasties also have the capacity to learn words other than their own gibberish. A Beastie will listen to you and it will repeat back whatever you teach it. A simple “Hello!” can turn into an enthusiastic, “Waz up!?” or regal, “How do you do?”

The Beasties: Hello World offers opportunities to let Beastie owners leave their signature touches. Beastie and habitat customization options will guarantee each Beastie will reflect the style of their owner.