We’ve hinted and poked around that updates are coming to our apps, but now we can say for sure that Word Off!, The Curse and The Beasties: Hello World are all primed to get content related to Valentine’s Day. If you want to see what we have planned (along with images), keep on reading!

The Curse:
Mannequin’s going to give you a bunch of new puzzles to solve. It’ll be an entirely new side-story that is separate from the main quest of stopping Mannequin in his tracks. As might might have guessed, it will have a Valentine’s story that puzzles Mannequin himself.

TheCurse_Valentines_2 TheCurse_Valentines_2

The Beasties: Hello World:
The Beasties are getting their second major content update. The Beasties will have all sorts of new Valentine decorations to dress up their Beastie Habitats! Also new to this update will be supporting the game on iPod Touch 4th Gen devices.


Word Off!:
We’ve rolled up a few of the updates already for the Web and Facebook players, but new features and boards will also come to mobile players as well.

Word Off! Love Board

When these updates are available for download, we’ll be sure to update you when they become available.