Mannequin loves April Fools. It gives him a chance to unleash his full power and find fools he can mock. That’s why The Curse is going to be free the entire day. The only trick here is that you won’t be able to get this deal tomorrow. It’s for today and today only. See where you can get the app today and a special message from Mannequin.

“It seems my favorite time of year is finally upon us. No, not spring. No, not even Easter – that rabbit isn’t clever for hiding eggs in plain sight.

Yes, and ONLY on your third guess, April Fools is here. I revel in the trickery and deception as it brings out the real fools among us.

In honor of this occasion, my brilliant collection of 100 puzzles is now available to everyone for the price of…. absolutely free. What’s the trick? There aren’t any, unless you count all the puzzles that will leave your brain twisted in knots.

Good luck. You’ll be needing it ever so much.”


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