We have a fun little statistic to let everyone know about. The Curse, across all platforms, has reached 1 million downloads! This is a big milestone for the game since its debut late last year. It’s awesome to think that 1 million people are trying to tackle 100 puzzles that were crafted and polished so that the most savvy puzzle game player would have to put their thinking cap on for.

The Curse has seen it’s fair share of accoladed for bringing a narrative twist to the puzzle game genre. The press has given The Curse stellar reviews, its been featured in multiple app stores and it was in the running for the Best App Ever Awards in 2012 and picked up a great mention in the Puzzle category. Not only that, but Mannequin has won lots of fans by being that pompous villain you love to hate.

Overall, we’re super grateful that everyone saw the fun in the game like we did. A huge thanks to Mojo Bones for creating The Curse and the deliciously evil character Mannequin.

If you haven’t checked out The Curse, be sure to visit the website and download it for your mobile device.