Our designer, Rob Lockhart, likes to think and design Educational Games in addition to thinking and designing more “traditional games.” This weekend, one of his blogs was featured on one of the leading gaming industry websites, Gamasutra.

Earlier today, Pocket Gamer posted an article talking with Evan, Billy and Colin of our studio. They discussed the state of HTML5 game development and how we are able to overcome challenges thanks to our investment into our Tech.

Want to know what has been happening in the world of Word Off!? Well, do we have a blog post for you!

Today was a strange day. First, the power was out for the good part of the morning, meaning that we were left to our own devices without a constructive outlet (the internet). Second, we learned that Steven Seagal might have graced the very floors our desks are on.

This is a great way to start off a Monday, getting featured on the Chrome Web Store with Word Off! The Chrome Web Store is a great way to access apps right from your browser. Since Word Off! is an HTML5 based game, it is a great fit for the store.