We’ve been continuing to improve Word Off! on the Web and Facebook and this round of updates include a boat load of customization options that gives players the chance to put their own style and panache. This also means Word Off! has an official shop where all these new items are placed and can be stocked with other sorts of themes, designs and patterns in the future.

The results from the Best App Ever 5th Annual Awards are finally in and The Curse, our cryptic puzzle app, received the bronze medal in a field of many, many stunning and well executed puzzle apps.

As we continue to improve Word Off! we’re now adding the number one requested feature to the game: The ability to play against a computer player. In true Word Off! fashion, the computer player has a personality all of its own. Alfred I. Wordsworth is ready to challenge anyone who wants to play a lightening fast game where players will have to use their best words in order to be victorious.

The day of love is here at Toy Studio. With all our Valentine’s Updates and Love apps out in the stores, here is a rundown of games you can play when you are shot by Cupid’s Arrow. We love love here at Toy Studio and if you do too, we have quite the collection of games for the loveliest day of the year.

We’ve just updated Word Off! with some new tutorial videos that play in-game. They are created so you get the information you need to know as soon as you encounter new elements in the game. Of course, if you want to watch them all in one go, you can go to the “Help” section and we have a beautifully designed playlist for you to watch whenever you want.