I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving time and got to spend some time with their friends and family. I think I ate enough stuffing to float a small car. Now that we are looking at the final days of the year, we aren’t winding down like the countdown to 2012.

This week, we’ll have a few game announcements that we’re sure that will please. We’re also in the middle of a “friends and family” test for a new game we are still working on, but not quite ready to talk about. We did go over and improve the loading speed on the site but stay tuned for more announcements!

Have you ever opened a fresh sheet of paper and started doodling without thinking? It’s one of those things that you don’t realize is happening until you look down and see tiny sketches of objects you created. Drawdle, developed by One Side Software, is a physics puzzle game that asks players to color some doodles in a very creative way.

It has now been 1 month since starting Inside the Toy Box and we’re already talking about delicious pastries. Actually, Rob came to me with a cool topic for this week.

There are some games that are classics the moment you play them. The pipe-dream type tile game is one of them. Our newest published game, Connection, takes that formula and mixes it up to bring a fresh new take on connecting a start and end point.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is being shipped to eager tablet owners. Sporting impressive integration with the total Amazon experience, the Kindle Fire is the first step Amazon has taken towards creating a reading device not based on e-ink.

If you have been following Amazon and the Kindle Fire, you’ll know that they have had the Amazon App Store on Android phones for some time. In fact, we put some of our game apps on there, like Hangman. However, now that the Kindle Fire is out, we brought all our tablet optimized game apps to the device.