Send a Valentine’s Day card with The Beasties! When we made the update to The Beasties, we got carried away and created awesome looking Valentines to print out. Now you can have your own Beasties Valentines to send to loved ones, friends and (non-virtual) pets.

We’ve hinted and poked around that updates are coming to our apps, but now we can say for sure that Word Off!, The Curse and The Beasties: Hello World are all primed to get content related to Valentine’s Day. If you want to see what we have planned (along with images), keep on reading!

We’ve been working on an update for The Beasties that will improve gameplay and performance. It will also include a bunch of new Beastie Habitat items you can decorate with! To give just a tiny, itty-bitty glimpse of what you’ll see. We created a special image just for you, featuring Alfonso.

The Curse released in 2012 amid a flurry of activity from our studio. It’s a completely fun take on puzzle games by offering a narrative twist and mind bending puzzles. We just found out that The Curse received a nomination for The Best App Ever awards in the Puzzle category! If you are already a fan, then vote for the best Puzzle game right now.



by Ryan

Earlier in 2012, there was a Kickstarter for a brand new console called OUYA. It’s premise was extremely fascinating: a video game console that uses the Android operating system. Everyone else in the game development community was excited too since the Kickstarter project blasted funding records. Since we have many android games available now, we wanted to see what this OUYA was about. Now we got one in the office!