Most people are familiar with a Rubik’s Cube. It’s a nefarious device that looks so simple, but takes a lot of brainpower to solve. Unless you are this kid.

Now imagine a puzzle where shifting tiles were flattened out on a gameboard. That is the original ideal kernel where Squishy’s Revenge came from. The first code name for the game was Spooky (then later Monster) Slider so there would be no confusion about what kind of game it was.

We announced Squishy’s Revenge and gave a few details showing off a few pictures of the adorably destructive Squishy in the process. However, Squishy didn’t always look like the way he does now. In fact, he didn’t start out as Squishy at all. So this just as much the “evolution” of Squishy as it is the birth of Squishy.

What is purple, made of 99 percent “Squish” and has the ability to cause evil buildings to erupt in flames based on cuteness alone? I’m horrible at riddles so I’ll cut to the chase. The answer is: the hero of Toy Studio’s next puzzle adventure game, Squishy.

Our newest Nook Color game has only been in the Nook Color app store for a short while, but it has already shot up the charts. Deck of Words takes the fun part of Solitaire and mixes it with a word puzzle game. With over 20 levels of increasing complexity and a Free Play mode, Deck of Words is a game that is as fun as it is addicting. Take a look for yourself.

Deck of Words, the ultimate mash-up of Solitaire and a classic word game is now ready deal all kinds of fun on the Nook Color.