We’ve added a brand new premium feature to Word Off! that will process and measure the power of selected words. It’s called the Word-O-Matic and it is already computing word power on the Web and Android devices. How does it work? Read on!

Just in time for Halloween, a new Mahjong game is infecting mobile devices with all kinds of fun. Take one 21 brand new levels full of zombies and other creatures that go bump in the night. Your braaaaaaaaaaaaains will get quite the workout.

Mannequin has been spreading his mischief and now can be found on the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Check for updates on your smartphones, a new version of Word Off! is out for iOS and Android devices! We’ve packed in a ton of additions, improvements and upgrades in so read on to get a complete rundown of all the things you’ll notice in the update.

Bunnies are usually pretty quick critters. They have a pretty good sense of danger and will scamper off when they get a whiff of something off. That is, until they get tricked into doing circus stunts for a sly fox who isn’t concerned for their safety in the least bit.