We Can’t Wait to Hear from You

Toy Studio thrives on community interaction and input. It is written directly into our values. Drop us a line anytime and we’ll respond. Have a burning question about one of our games or want to suggest a new feature that should be added to one of our games? The best way to be heard is to join our growing community of Toy Studio fans.

Where to Interact with Toy Studio

We are constantly talking with our fans on all the hip social networks. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where you’ll get the latest info on all our released and upcoming games.

We also have a nifty “Contact Us” form where you can directly email us. It’s conveniently located in the bottom left corner of the website. A human being will read each email and you’ll get a response.┬áSeriously.

–About Us–

Our Story

Toy Studio was founded in September 2009 on lucky Friday the 13th in Chicago, Illinois. Our focus is on social and mobile games where we bring our dedication, hard work and passion to create exciting experiences on those emerging platforms.

Toy Studio is a casual atmosphere where creativity is free to flow. We work in small teams, which is key to spontaneity and speed. We also make sure every idea is heard as the next great idea can come from anyone.

However, since we are in the business of video games, we like to have fun on occasion. Actually, we have a lot of fun.

Our Values


Along with fun, we measure our games by the quality of each experience. We believe game quality is directly enhanced when friends and family can engage in the same experience together.


At Toy Studio we work hard to continually discover new innovative ideas that make our games better. We work closely with our players to improve our games and make it a requirement to introduce something new each and every week!


Above all we value our players and their feedback. Our goal is to create a global Toy Studio community built on thousands of unique friends and family groups playing our games around the world.