Spot the Difference HD

Spot the Difference is the fun game where you test your speed and skills to see how fast you can find the five differences between two photos. You have one minute to complete each puzzle, but beware, if you click in a spot without a difference you will lose valuable time and points. Use the magnifying glasses to provide hints of where the differences are located. See what level you can complete and how high you can get your score. When you think you’ve mastered all the levels don’t forget to challenge your friends to beat it. You can even upload your own photos from Facebook or your phone to be included in the game. Have Fun Spotters!

- SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS – When you think you have mastered all levels, challenge your friends through Facebook to try and beat your score.

- CHALLENGE THE WORLD – View the global leaderboard and challenge others to be the best in your country.

Note: an internet connection is required to play, challenge and view leaderboard

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