Toy Studio Kids Apps

In addition to making games fun for people of all ages, Toy Studio has a line of apps that are dedicated to kids.

Animal Puzzles for Toddlers

A nice puzzle game for kids ages 0 to 6 with 16 different types of animals. Solve 13 puzzles with three different “puzzle styles.” The difficulty will increase with each puzzle completed to keep Animal Puzzles for Toddlers a challenge without getting frustrating. The best part is the game is really easy to learn and control. Developed by Eiswuxe.


Animals for Toddlers

A great app for young children and toddlers alike — learn different animal sounds and discover all the surprises of the app!

Features SIX scenes full of animals and surprises: farm, snowscape, desert-oasis, jungle, ocean and Australia! Developed by Eiswuxe.


Car Puzzles

A great, family-friendly puzzle game for kids of ages 0-8 with high quality designed cars.

Features 20 different puzzles with three different “puzzle types.” Great entertainment for all ages of children with increasing difficulty level with each puzzle. All with an easy to use and intuitive interface. Developed by Eiswuxe.


Dino World

Does your kid like Dinosaurs? Then this is your app!

“Dino World” features puzzles and trivia about favorite dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. The difficulty level of both puzzles and trivia questions are perfectly suited for kids and toddlers from ages 0 to 8. Developed by Eiswuxe.


Knight’s Castle

A fun collection of minigames that revolve around life in a medieval castle. This app is aimed at kids from ages 2 to 8. Here are some of the minigames – Dress a knight in armor, Chop vegetables on the market! Archery: pickup the arrow, aim your bow and shoot at targets. The JOUST! Tap to make your horse race and throw your opponent out of the saddle! Developed by Eiswuxe.


Tabtale Stories

Classic stories told on the NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet as interactive tales by our friends at TabTale. From learning opposites to finding out who was eating the Three Bears’ porridge, kids will enjoy these timeless treasures told in an interactive fashion. Developed by Tabtale.