Wave Blazer

There is no feeling in the world like the spray of cold, clear water in your face as you navigate a roaring powerboat through narrow canals at break-neck speed! The slightest mistake will leave you wrapped like a hawser around the nearest wharf pile; this ain’t for the meek or faint of heart.

Besides gut-wrenching gameplay, Wave Blazer features spectacular visual effects, unlike anything previously seen on a tablet. Boats throw up a cascade of sparkling water as they slice through rippling waves reflecting majestic buildings and scenic surroundings. Tracks run through some truly inspiring and immersive environments; ranging from lush, green grasslands and inviting, ivory beaches to freezing wastes and murky grottos.

Wave Blazer features three single player game modes and a fully stocked online multiplayer versus-mode allowing you to face off against players from all over the world. No matter how fun outrunning the AI might be, nothing beats letting human opposition suck your wake as you leave them behind in a cloud of vapour and humiliation.

If you liked Raging Thunder and Wave Race 64, you’ll LOVE Wave Blazer.

Key features:
- Online multiplayer
- State-of-the art 3D graphics
- Three single player modes (Grand Prix, Time Trials, Arcade)
- 10 different courses

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