Our Tech

We put just as much time into our technology as we do the games we created. When we started HTML5 development, it was clear we needed — and wanted — more than just one off-the-shelf package for creating apps. We had to bake our own solution.


Our main game development platform is called Cake. We figured, who doesn’t love Cake? Cake is the HTML5 base for all our app deliciousness. It allows us to effortlessly deploy apps across a huge range of devices with a single stroke of a button. Cross-platform gaming is simple as pie with Cake.

Cake is Open Sourced. We saved a slice for everyone that wants it. Download and start developing with Cake right now.


Icing is, well, the icing on our Cake. It’s the special, proprietary sauce that keeps our games running in tip-top shape while deploying builds across multiple platforms with ease. Icing is what helps the turn-based moves operate smoothly. This isn’t some network of carrier pigeons, this is a sleek system that ensures each move you make is recorded across all the devices you play on and sent to your friends.